Our Translation Services

We translate general and specialised texts, and also offer sworn translations by court-registered translators. In all our work, we place an emphasis on precise language and terminology.


This category encompasses translations of general texts without specialized technical terminology.

Examples include general-purpose articles, emails, letters, applications, résumés, motivation letters or notifications.

We can provide you with:

  • translation of company correspondence,
  • translation of general-purpose article,
  • translation of website,
  • translation of emails or letters,
  • translation of résumé,
  • translation of motivation letter,
  • translation of catalogue or advertising leaflet
  • and translation of other documents.


Professional translations imply detailed (expert) knowledge of the relevant subject domain (e.g., law, technology).

Examples include translating legal, technical, medical, economic or otherwise domain-specific texts.

Our professional translation experience covers the following sectors:

  • technical,
  • legal,
  • medical and veterinary,
  • financial and economic,
  • pharmaceutical and nutritional,
  • IT and telecommunications,
  • IT and telecommunications.


We can arrange your translation to be endorsed as required by the courts and other governmental institutions .

We provide certified translations of diplomas, school certificates, marriage, birth or death certificates and other official documents.

We can provide you with:

  • certified translation of diploma,
  • certified translation of graduation certificate,
  • certified translation of criminal records check,
  • certified translation of birth/death certificate,
  • certified translation of marriage certificate,
  • certified translation of medical reports,
  • certified translation of all varieties of certificates
  • and certified translations of other documents.

Classic vs Extra

Our translation services come in two options, Classic and Extra:


Translation without second-line proofreading, by a native speaker of the relevant language.


Translation also proofread by a second native speaker of the respective language.

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