Our Proofreading Services

We provide linguistic (grammar checking), stylistic and pre-print proofreading of general and specialised texts. We also cover the proofreading of theses, dissertations or other types of academic and specialist texts.

We guarantee high quality proofreading, provided exclusively by native speakers of the given language!


Linguistic (grammar checking) proofreading covers basic spelling errors, typos and punctuation. We also take care of elementary copy-editing.

This can be applied following translation, but also for proofreading books, papers, articles, catalogues or website texts.


Copy-editing or style editing goes beyond linguistic proofing, to improve the clarity and readability of the text. Its aim is to improve the text, in terms of both orthography and style.

It comes into its own for seminar submissions and theses/dissertations, academic papers, books, articles and newsletters.


Pre-print proofreading is done before the printing or publication of the final text. It covers attending to spelling and typos, but above all, resolving typographical errors or shortcomings.

We provide pre-print proofreading of promotional materials, brochures, catalogues, leaflets, books, theses and dissertations.

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